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Where it all began…

After many years in the cattle industry, Reg and his family expanded their farming operation to custom silaging and a backgrounding feedlot. Reg was frustrated with the feeding systems that were available at the time. They were either lacking efficiency or were very costly.

When Reg took a trip to Central United States, he found the answer to his feeding challenges. He found some used feedmixers that were reasonably priced and he decided to import 3 of them, one for himself, one for a neighbour, and the third one he decided to advertise for sale. The response he got was overwhelmingly positive from the feeding industry and the one extra mixer was sold immediately. As friends and neighbours found out about these mixers, Reg started to import and service mixers and Reg Cox Feedmixers was born. In the 1990s the business was moved to a Red Deer to be more central for shipping and servicing.

In 1999, Reg began to design his own mixer based on his experience and the feedback from his customers. He designed a feedmixer that was built to last and that could be operated easily. The result of Reg’s invention is The Cattlelac which has proven to be the leading mixer on the market today.

We attribute the success of Reg Cox Feedmixers Ltd. which has grown to be the largest feed mixer business in Canada to a great feedmixer, and unparalleled level of customer service and satisfaction.


Reg Cox


Reg Cox - March 22, 1939 - February 26, 2018

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone of our loyal customers for helping make Reg Cox Feedmixers Ltd. the success it is today.

We look forward to carrying on Reg’s legacy for many years to come.